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The butterfly

I once wrote a story but only the first chapter I don't know whether it is good... maybe I'll make a the-next-one-writes-a-new-passage text... sooooooo pls give me some feedback...... I have written it as I was younger but I hope you'll like it ... ^^

The Butterfly

Prologue :
[The Butterfly sat on the stone,
it did not move,
 tried to touch it ,
but it flew away,
in the sky,
higher and higher...
...till I couldn't see it anymore.
That was the time when I had my injury,...It helped me to forget the pain they  had, the Pain they send me and the Pain they caused me.
won't help.
would make it hurt.
The wound would never heal,
i hate them.]
At that Time I was the Butterfly, small and easily hurtable.

[chapter 1] ~ dreams and madness

The Grass near my Face flatterd in the wind, the flowers were being carried by the wind like there was music playing, like a dance.
I couldn't hear the children anymore that were there before,laughing away, happy. I listened to the music the wind gave to me. The bees humming. The leafs flowting to the ground. It was autum.
The forest and it's sounds. I saw the sun trying to reach the ground. But:I loved it lying in the shadow. I did like the sun, but today she seemed kind of weird, in a strange way. But now I could also, when I carefully listened hear the sound of the splashing Thundering water falling down the grayers waterfall.
It reminded me of the song they played in the radio ; "I just wanna fly, like a butterfly." I softly began..."I just wanna a Butterfly".

I saw my feet tapping to the beat. The music played in my head, I closed my eyes. Softly the music want on and on, pictures flowting in my mind, memories that remain forever, lasting again in this moment to the tunes of the music. It seemed like everything stopped, just to listen.The Birds were not singing anymore, no grass flattering in the Wind, nothing.It was like time had paused for a moment, but seemed remaining forever.
I stopped. It was so quiet that it gave me a shrug. I sat up. My arms were huging me automaticly. I was feeling cold. It was like sudden darkness overcoming me... Was I minding this up? Or was it real? Suddenly I heard  a Thunder or something like that. I froze in Position. I started shivering because it became cold, or was it because of the fright THIS gave me? I was feeling dizzy.My hand went up and I layed it on my head, it was hot. My ears were tugged up and carefully listening to every single sound there was. My stomach was feeling weird. Trying to escape this akward silence I wanted o scream, but there was no tone coming out of my mouth. I looked around and my eyes widend as I saw that the sun had gone: the place were it was before, was filled up with a strange red star-shaped thing. Around this strange-red-star-shaped-thing, the sky was like painted, in black.It made me feel lonely.
The sun, the wind, the soft noises from the forest, the children, they all had left me. Alone. In the darkness. I put my hands over my legs, I tried to cover them with my skirt, but it was to short. Me, a woman,  at the age of 17, maybe still a Girl,  once "Miss Independent", sitting alone, leaning  on a tree, frightened of the dark. My fingertips were as cold as if thes were dead, that’s what I thought. My body was falling apart, in small pieces. I had got this awkward thought that, this won't stop. I tried to focus my eyes in the darkness This world kept on torturing me. This damn darkness was killing me ,...
I wanted to stand up and find a exit,from THIS, but my feet wouldn't let me stand up and go. They were like stuck on the ground. I pulled on them, but they won't come out. My feet weren't Tapping right now, they were being tortured. Pain came through my Leg,My head got heavy and I could not move. A little Tear ran over my right cheek. I licked it up, like small children do when they where crying. Now I felt small, very small, in this cruel world. Hunting me down. Why did it pick me? There was a old
myth I was thinking about when there seemed to be no escaping possible. Now it seemed to me that the earth was endlessly going on, to big, to long,to reach the end.

I don't know whether I should continue writing the tell me..



yours x-bella-x

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